VSP Optical Lab Sydney

VSP Optical Lab Sydney brings together innovative technologies, outstanding customer service, and an extensive selection of quality products.

At VSP Australia we are driven by a passion for excellence in product, quality, service and people. We offer a unique one-stop-shop solution to the Australian optical industry. Plug into our VSP Optical Lab Sydney to take full advantage:


Your complex customised lenses will be delivered with the most precisely crafted prescriptions, ensuring your lenses are exactly what you ordered.


Get a culture of personalised service and support when you build a relationship with the VSP Optical Lab Sydney. With the optical advice and state-of-the-art products that deliver what you want when you need it.


Get access to an extensive selection of lenses and lens coatings, ensuring you have the most popular brands available to you and your patients.


At VSP Optical Lab Sydney we take quality control very seriously. Cosmetic inspection is performed up to six times in the lens making process and Rx inspection is performed at up to five points in the lens making process.


VSP Australia offers a unique one-stop-shop solution to the Australian optical industry through our Marchon® brand portfolio, VSP Vision Care network, Optomate practice management solution and our VSP optical Lab Sydney.

For further information of our products or any other services we may offer, please visit www.vspoptics.com.au/ or contact us on 1800 251 025 .